Dear Team Canada Athletes

Dear Team Canada athletes, we have been advised by the government of Croatia of a slight change in dates for the hosting of the Croatian World Games.

Please be advised that the Games will officially conclude with a closing ceremony on Friday, July 28, 2023. Not on Saturday, July 29th as previously planned.

However, the cross-country run will still be held on Saturday, July 29th at 10:00am.  So yes, they will officially end the Games and then host one more competition on Saturday morning?.

This means that everyone will have breakfast on campus on Saturday morning, then those that wish to complete the Cross-Country run/walk may do so at 10:00am and then be prepared to move out of campus.  For anyone not participating in Cross Country you may of course leave right after breakfast. If you need to, you may stay on campus until 6:00pm.

This is a change to the original schedule that saw us staying on campus until Sunday, July 30th.

This change in scheduling means that departure from campus takes place on Saturday, July 29th.

Should you wish to stay on campus one or more nights, you may do so by booking directly with the Studentski Dom at a cost of $19.50 euro (includes breakfast) plus city tax of $1.59 euro and insurance cost of $0.13 euro for a total of $22.22 euro (appx. $32 CAD) per person. A stay with three full meals comes in at a cost of $37.50 euro (appx. $56.25 CAD).  For anyone needing extended accommodation, you may book this directly with the Studentski Dom on site when we arrive.

As this impacts your onward travel, we wanted to advise you of the change in scheduling immediately.  Otherwise, our scheduling remains the same.  A final event itinerary will be provided on June 17th.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.


Caroline Spivak

Team Canada 2023 Coordinator

Director, Organizing Committee

Croatian World Games – Hrvatske Svjetske Igre


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