Canada Day


Today, my family and I are celebrating Canada Day.

The Canada that I know is a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming country.

It?s important that we celebrate our country?s accomplishments, as we also reflect on historical injustices.

When some municipalities across the country reject this legacy by cancelling their Canada Day celebrations, I disagree.

Canada Day is a time to acknowledge all the sacrifices that have made Canada what it is today.

It is this ongoing effort to make a better nation that makes Canada the best nation. We can be proud that so many fleeing persecution or discrimination choose Canada as their home. We remain a beacon of hope and opportunity.

We celebrate Canada Day because there is no other place we would rather be.

I encourage you to watch my video on the importance of celebrating Canada Day, and I hope you have a fun, safe holiday with your family.

Happy Canada Day!


Kevin Falcon
BC Liberal Leadership Candidate


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