Police arrested a man suspected of fraud during the sale of land:

Police arrested a man suspected of fraud during the sale of land:DAMAGED A 46-YEAR-OLD CANADIAN CITIZEN FOR ABOUT SIX MILLION HRK
The Pula police conducted a criminal investigation and established the suspicion that the 32-year-old citizen of Serbia committed the criminal offenses of fraud, verification of untrue content and forgery of a document.
Police suspect the 32-year-old that in October last year he hired a Pula lawyer to draw up a contract for the sale of real estate, to whom he falsely introduced himself as a buyer of several plots of land, while a man who was with him introduced himself as a land seller. The suspect misled the lawyer, knowing that the power of attorney of the 46-year-old Canadian citizen, by which she allegedly authorized the man who was with him in the company, was forged.
Based on such a forged power of attorney, the 32-year-old bought the land on behalf of his company and registered on it, and then tried to sell it through various real estate resale agencies. In this way, he damaged a 46-year-old Canadian citizen for about six million kunas. The suspect is also charged with founding a company that bought the disputed land by giving a false statement in order to obtain undue property gain during the purchase and sale of land. Namely, he made a false statement at the commercial court when founding the company, stating the address of a woman as the company’s headquarters, although he knew that his company was not in any relationship with that address or the owner of the facility, and he notarized it with a notary public. false content.
Upon completion of the criminal investigation, the suspect was taken into custody this morning, and police officers continue to conduct the criminal investigation.https://www.glasistre.hr/crna-kronika/-717242

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